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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Celestial Island Cluster

Managing to understand and control proportion whilst delivering exemplary functional performance and unrivalled aesthetic impact is a skill which kitchen designers continually hone.
Sitting majestically in the centre of the room this island cluster presents itself like an elevated alter of style complete with a ceiling drop that can deliver celestial messages direct to the Gods of design!
Soft approachable geometry and the precise sightline and functional arrangement ensure that the impressive architectural scaling must cower down in the presence of this functional master piece.
An island is one thing, but if you have enough space why don’t you let your imagination explore the endless possibilities of multi-island arrangements.
The Mogul Approves!


  1. That is such an amazing kitchen design! I mean wow, you have an amazing kitchen and I really want one like that in my house.

  2. I love these curved units but we will now need to modify our kitchen design software to accommodate them and that won't be easy!

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  5. Wow! Very spacious and modern kitchen design. Definitely I would love to cook dishes and get socialize with my friends in that kitchen!

  6. Love multi-island designs. We've done them where one is set up as stone and one is a large butcher block for food prep. Most don't have the room for these but like you say if you do they're much better than a huge island where the center of it can't even be reached.

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