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Monday, 18 June 2012

Perfect Equilibrium!

Sometimes it can be hard to find balance, difficult to create perfection and virtually impossible to find the perfect combination of elements that will appease the tribal issues created by form and function.
Upon looking at this design it becomes evident that functionality has become surpassed by the need for visual stimulation.  The worktop is allowed to envelop the cabinetry forming both a waterfall edge and a mirror image plinth.  The creation of a cabinetry gap and a subtle shadow line between the underside of the cabinetry and the plinth makes it appear as though the units are free floating, somehow suspended from the worktop above.  But consider what this powerful aesthetic focus has done to the functionality of the design.
Despite the size of the kitchen both the cleaning and cooking areas appear to be compressed together in an uncomfortable functional arrangement.  Options have been limited by the inclusion of the cabinetry gap and even if the hob was placed into the free floating section, conflict would soon arise between the wall units and the extraction system.
Perfect equilibrium can be difficult to achieve!

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