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Monday, 26 November 2012

Style Peacemaker

To mediate is to broker agreement and here we see a kitchen becoming a style peacemaker.  The industrial architecture sets the contemporary scene aptly aided by the exposed ventilation system which has been laid bare through the calculating incisions made by an architect’s drafting pen. 
Light is allowed to penetrate and contradict the industrial space through more classically styled windows, casting shadows that have been polluted by the traditional influence of Georgian frames.
The kitchens detachment from the floor is aesthetically powerful but it also shows how we have become scientific in our approach to functional furniture design.  We have learned that it is difficult to reach things at floor level while standing up straight! 
The introduction of layers, shapes and warm light helps to soften the surroundings without confusing the picture.  It can be argued that the kitchen designer has been sensitive to the architecture while providing a reminder that people occupy this space.  Although linear and contemporary in its design this kitchen creates a versatile and animated buffer between the opposing architectural styles.
The introduction of personal items, conversation and culinary aromas can help transform a desolate architectural space into a place we can call home.
The influence of kitchen design is only beginning to be explored!


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