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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Diamond Effect

Diamonds sparkle, they have a strange effect on people.  They have the ability to reflect light in a hypnotic way making us fall in love and part with large amounts of our hard earned cash.  The investment in a diamond is never questioned and is seen as a public expression of our love for another human being and as an expression of our position in society.  Buying a kitchen is the same.
This kitchen design by New Zealand designer Mal Corboy is beautiful; it captures the power of light and uses the reflective qualities of glass and stainless steel to create a powerful visual experience for the viewer. The design exudes a quality and richness that makes you fall in love.  And you should love your kitchen, as it will accompany you though life’s ups and downs, presenting itself as a familiar backdrop to your home live and as outward expression of who you actually are.
Buying a kitchen without integrated ambient lighting is like buying a car without a painted finish.   You just don’t get to see the overall picture and the potential beauty of your purchase. 

The Mogul Approves!

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