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Monday, 7 March 2011

Future Kitchen by The Mogul - As seen in KBB Magazine April 2011.

There are many things in life that help to define who we are; where we live, the clothes we wear and the car we drive all help to identify our place in society.  The kitchen however reaches beyond materialistic values and presents an opportunity for cultural, social and family unity within the sanctuary of the home.  The kitchen defines who we are, what we like, how we eat and how we live.   We are already part of a kitchen culture. 

The kitchen culture is influenced by fashion, art, food, technology, architecture and the need for personal comfort and that is why the kitchen of tomorrow has become a complex , multi layered product that can be tailored to every individual set of lifestyle choices. 
The kitchen shown above by MVK Italia illustrates how the modern kitchen can be defined by the units that are not actually there.  This image is strong and shows that a kitchen can actually be used to define the space surrounding it.  The Kitchen is becoming an artistic formation of architecturally adaptable islands that anchor function and sociability in an open plan setting. 

It can be said that the kitchen is developing into the artistic definition of the architecture that surrounds it.  Multiple islands connected by a bridging element in a contrasting material or texture is something to watch out for in 2011.

Shape Shifting kitchens are making the journey from concept to reality allowing for a seamless movement between various states of use.  This idea of a transforming kitchen offers versatility and flexibility to the user, ideal in an open plan setting. 

The use of lighting and neutrally coloured materials will become more popular as these two elements can assist the illusion of the kitchen becoming fused with the surrounding architecture, allowing it to become invisible.

Asymmetrical design is the art of creating a harmonious aesthetical appearance from a calculated imbalance.  Multiple manufacturers are now seeing this as a way of facilitating function while accommodating the progressive integration of the kitchen and living space.  Expect to see more shelving units, multiple unit sizes and heights which will help to create natural voids softening the appearance of the kitchen into something more reflective of furniture found in a living space!

Tomorrows kitchen is actually available today complete will all kinds of technologically advanced features designed to aid ergonomics and functionality as well as enhancing the holistic experience for the user. 

Kitchen automation is increasingly popular with many designs now integrating electrically powered, touch sensitive mechanisms in order to assist the user.  This idea also enhances the aesthetics, removing the need for handles and creating a streamline, linear look. 

Many designers now appreciate the need for entertainment in the kitchen and have integrated I-pods, TV’s and even aquariums into their designs.   There is now a real thirst to satisfy all five of the human senses which will make these ideas increasingly more popular in 2011.

So what is happening right now?  Ultra thin worktops, increased automation, pale pastel colours mixed with a contrasting material and disappearing appliances  all come top of the list for 2011. 

But one of the most important developments in kitchen design for this year and beyond is a change in attitude!  People are now more aware of their own needs at home, we are a style conscious, well educated nation of kitchen buyers who appreciate that a well designed kitchen can bring harmony to the home in 2011 and beyond. 

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