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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The neutralisation of the kitchen!

Upon hearing that you are going to buy a new kitchen many friends and relatives look forward to seeing the results; but increasingly kitchen designers are becoming involved in an intricate game of cat and mouse.  You can only see the kitchen if you can find it first!
Transforming kitchens like this one are becoming integrated and absorbed into the structure of buildings and are helping to elevate the influence of the kitchen upon architectural planning.  The kitchen is no longer an architectural hangover, it is now an architectural divining rod with the ability to find and harness the inspirational core within every client!
Shape shifting designs allow the kitchen to be controlled by the user, only allowing it to influence the space and the people living within it when required.  The neutralisation of the kitchens physical presence is an increasingly popular trend and it will continue to grow as populations increase and living environments get smaller!
Gone are the days where every wall must have a cabinet, but could this popular practice blunt the artistic edge of kitchen design making it impotent and less expressive!?

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