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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pocket Door Kitchen

For years the kitchen has been planning its escape from the architectural incarceration that has restricted its natural development and resulted in years of solitary confinement.
It seems ironic that only when the kitchen is beginning to influence its architectural sentinels and is being placed centre stage within the home, the very designers that set this jailbird free are trying to call time on its short lived parole. 
It is interesting to see that this hybrid and on trend kitchen design introduces a transforming boundary between kitchen and the user; a pocket door prison guard that has the ability to send this kitchen down!
Is it possible that the best and most progressive transforming and shape shifting concepts are retracting the kitchen from the open plan environment, diluting its influence and throwing away the key for another 25 years!? 
The boundaries may be different but the restrictions are the same!

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