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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Kitchen - A Design Parasite

In the beginning we created fire; harnessing a seemly uncontrollable element that had the power to transform our primeval diet and stimulate basic sociability. 
The pace of kitchen evolution has been driven by a human desire to do things better, quicker and more efficiently, that is why the modern kitchen has become a console of communication built upon a foundation of function.  This concept by Toncelli illustrates the power and influence of modern kitchen design.  
If we simply wore clothes there would be no fashion, if we had stayed at home there would be no cars and if the kitchen was just for cooking we wouldn’t have designs like this!  Featuring an impressive interactive, translucent worktop complete with Samsung tablet technology this design redefines kitchen function by fusing cutting edge interactive technology with primary functionality. 
The kitchen is evolving into a design parasite, absorbing furniture, technology and architecture in a way which could make these elements surplus to requirement.  But will the integration of interactive consoles of communication within the kitchen environment lead to a reduction in the type of one to one communication required to make our society work and which ultimately helped to shape our primitive fireside society at the beginning of time?!   Only time will tell!

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  1. NIce cantilever design but it looks so fragile. Pretty!