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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pole Dancer!

There is a lot going on in this design with the basic contemporary format delivering above and beyond the call of duty!  There is an introverted and narcissistic approach to this design with the mirrored door panels delivering a voyeuristic vision of the kitchen allowing the featured crisscross door pattern to become more subtly amplified.
Have the reflective qualities of these particular doors been positioned in order to enhance the aesthetical impact of the design or is it something to do with the lap dancing pole!
The classical styling of the posts and legs add some friction to the design but balance is restored by having these features finished in smooth, flashy chrome! 
All we need now are some blue lights, a glitter ball and the supersonic sounds of the 70’s!  Queue the dancers!
Note to self!  Mirrored doors are becoming a trend – possibly a by-product of continued population growth and smaller living spaces, or are we becoming more selfishly cosmetic with our aesthetic choices?

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