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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Kitchen design is a functional art form with the ability to influence the surrounding architecture in a way that can encourage harmony and balance.  Dramatic material choices can help to categorise functional art but it can also alienate the human desire for comfort and practicality.
This design is certainly impressive, boasting a futuristic influence upon its regressive and minimal architectural surroundings.  The kitchen is allowed to sprawl out beyond its natural position with an additional line of cabinetry creating a sheltered harbour of functionality for the kitchen.  The free hanging and cantilevered cabinetry also helps to deliver a bold and interesting visual experience.
But is it possible that this design has overstepped the mark, becoming art first and kitchen second.  Kitchen design is about creating an aesthetical and artistic impression but it is also about satisfying our pre-programmed desire to be subconsciously soothed within our private living space. 
This design could be perceived as being clinical and unapproachable.  The positioning of the secondary cabinetry outpost towards the centre of the room could be seen as un-necessary and functionally restrictive! 
The World is an interesting place because we are all different and maybe that is why this design has been created in the way it has!  Kitchen designers are empathetic translators of function!

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