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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Clinical Culinary Theatre

In order to captivate and delight an audience a theatre must have two working elements; a front of house and a back stage.  The front of house is organised, deliberate and confidently projects a professional and artistic ambience to those in attendance.  Backstage can be busier, more chaotic and is the engine room for success.
This kitchen by Mal Corby is complex because it understands its user!  Designed for a professional Chef this kitchen provides versatility and performance in two separate zones. 
Front of house presents a mouth watering array of colour, texture and light.  The monolithic island is designed to allow sociability to flourish and yet it can be argued that the lack of stools make the design a little more artistic. 
Light is embraced, nurtured and celebrated within the design adding definition to the island and providing some interesting secondary features, with glossy panels reflecting the light beyond its physical reality!  X marks the spot!
Peeping out from behind a smoked glass curtain the backstage area is designed for speed, precision and functional performance.  Engineered shelving allows the cook to operate with clinical precision and the lack of doors here adds some oil to the calibrated culinary performance expected within this functional theatre.
The Mogul approves!

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