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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Space- time continuum kitchen

This latest offering from Johnny Grey studios ignites the imagination and represents how kitchen design has developed since being released from its architectural confines.
There is a shameless contradiction to this design that empowers the viewer to question how something so futuristic can be accompanied by Georgian framed windows.  But that’s the point!  This is cross over piece, an example of how the right designer mixed with the right client can create something that remoulds expectations, allowing functional requirement to overflow into artistic medium!
The springboard island is the centre piece and defines the entire design; it has a looming presence which exudes the strength of steel with metal rivet detailing, more commonly found in a 19th century shipyard adding heritage to the design.  But this glance into the past is overshadowed by the stellar ambience created by this kitchen. 
Any potential user will certainly feel in control as though they are steering a motley crew of friends and family towards an intergalactic rendezvous with a gastronomic death star!  The social side of the island has two cylindrical transporters, like those found on the Enterprise masquerading as duel larders and behind the hob a semi translucent force field protects the contents of the dry food store.
This design is pushing the boundaries of what kitchen shoppers should expect!  Whether it is through a shift in the space- time continuum or by a client’s leap of faith the order of things has changed!  Here we see the bright beacons of architecture and interior design fading into the back ground and the kitchen imposing its functional and aesthetic influence over the crew members who occupy the helm of this domestic ship! 
This is a glimpse into the future and a lasting monument to how far kitchen design has come!
The Mogul approves!!

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  1. I must say that is stunning! Wouldn't suit me I would forever be trying to balance things on those lovely curvy bits - however for someone less chaotic and slobbish than myself then I really like it. Thanks for sharing that.