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Monday, 22 August 2011

Ark of the Covenant Kitchen

The modern kitchen can no longer be described as being fitted!  It has become an important independent influence over its surroundings, becoming detached from architecture and a sea of interior design, the modern contemporary kitchen has actually become an island!
And why not!  The popularity of open plan living has allowed kitchen designers to explore their imagination and discover new ways of providing functional style solutions.  Designing a modern kitchen is like creating a freestanding, independent sculpture of function, a quietly imposing statement of personal style and taste.  When you are not restricted by the architecture you can create anything....you can play with shapes, colours and lighting  allowing the building to become the backdrop to your creation, a stage onto which you have poured your knowledge and expertise for your ever appreciative clients.
So the kitchen island now comes in all shapes and forms and this T-shaped design is certainly one that catches the eye.  It has all the required “jaw dropping” elements to impress guests.  The beautiful stainless steel central spine supports the gravity defying cabinetry and presents an inspiring work area that doubles up as a social hot-spot.  The chamfered worktop edge meets the cabinetry with sublime precision and the extractor looms overhead like rigging at a rock concert!  The stage is now set for the main event and a powerful performance by the chef!  And just like most touring rock bands this kitchen comes with an emblem, a logo that is powerful enough to be placed on the Ark of the Covenant, inspiring thousands of followers!
This is a fantastic kitchen!

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