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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Battle of Isengard Kitchen

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes real beauty can only be uncovered by looking beneath the surface.  Contemporary kitchens have been criticised for being cold and heartless but this little gem balances the scale, making us reflect on how the world was before high gloss lacquer and standard doors sizes!
To those in the audience who believe that creating a bespoke kitchen involves introducing an off size wine rack into the design; please pay attention!  This is a truly bespoke kitchen.   The Mogul totally understands that this design will not appeal to the masses; in-fact The Mogul can almost hear the horrified gasps as your retina focuses on the screen!  But this is a kitchen that has been pondered over, a beloved creation that was inspired by the architectural structure into which it would be placed long before the teeth of any saw blade touched the drying sap of the alder wood! 
Look at the detailing on the doors and appreciate the precision and thought that has created the corner base unit in this kitchen.  Custom shaped doors  meeting at an opposing angle...difficult to get right!
The Mogul thinks that this is a great display of bespoke cabinet making but does feel that the design lacks contrast and is very overpowering.  The amount of wood used here is likely to encourage an uprising amongst trees reminiscent of scenes from the battle of Isengard, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

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