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Monday, 14 November 2011

Kitchen Design Trends 2012 - Part 1

The Mogul is sure that many kitchen designers have been in a situation where the client brief is a little hazy.  Many clients undergo a personal style struggle, the classic situation of wanting a contemporary, fashion statement kitchen for now but fearing that it will be prone to premature aging.  This design phenomenon has subtly created a new trend, a hybrid kitchen that creates a balance between design longevity and being stylishly hip! 
This design is an example of a contemporary classic kitchen.  The lines here are linear and some fussy traditional details like cornicing have been removed, but the whole look has been softened by integrating a traditionally profiled door.  In this example we see the next level of integration as the door profiles are mixed allowing the design to be predominantly contemporary while tentatively dipping its plinth into traditional water!
It is also interesting to see how the islands contrasting worktop has been cut short allowing a colour matched material to pollute the look.  This feature breaks some unspoken rules and gives this design a real edge!  Love it!

You'll see much more of this in 2012!

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