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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The kitchen of the future!

You grab your coat, put on your shoes and run out the door.  As you turn the key in your heavily modified DeLorean watching as the flux capacitor pulsates with time travelling energy you breathe deeply trying to contain your excitement, as today you are going to see the kitchen of the future.  As you punch in the coordinates in time you notice that there is something wrong as the date you have been given is not in the future it is actually in the past!  Your driving gloves make a griping sound against the steering wheel as the speedometer hits 88 miles per hour and you reach your destination.  Welcome to the vision that is Tron designs Corian by Ernestomeda.
This concept design was created to showcase the design versatility of Corian and in doing so clearly illustrates that the only limitation to designing a kitchen is the human imagination.  The design is hinged upon aesthetical presence and uses electroluminescence to wow the viewer.  There is a celebration of unconventional and artistic shapes and it is claimed that the design encourages the development of a functional ecosystem by fusing a relationship between individual elements!
The Mogul approves!


  1. The last image inspires such calm feelings and it is full of harmonious “choices”. I have to say that all images in your blog are very carefully selected (chosen) and truly elegant.

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  3. as a designer all i can say, yuck.

  4. The kitchen designs are great and gives awesome look. Hats off to the interior designer.Great effort. The kitchen space is wide enough and the marble is strong and gives glossy effects. The flourescent light effects adds beauty to the kitchen space. Thanks for sharing the pictures here. I heard only about the L-shaped, U-shaped and island kitchens. Can anyone tell what type of kitchen is this? Thanks in advance.