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Monday, 12 December 2011

Sitting on the dock of the bay!

This expanse of stainless steel is like a functional jetty reaching out into a sea of open space while asking for mainstream acceptance by tethering itself to an anchor of conventional cabinetry.  This kitchen delivers a powerful visual experience by allowing light to penetrate through the design maximising the feeling of space.
But the lack of storage would certainly be an issue here! The Mogul is guessing that the designers have submerged some adequate storage into the surrounding architecture so that it does not impose on the light and airy feel!
Impressive stuff!

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  1. The main place everyone needs sufficient storage space is the kitchen, and if there isn’t any then you either don’t use it for cooking and it’s only to admire, or it ends up messy as all your cooking tools and utensils are cluttered on the surfaces. So, although this kitchen style is very sophisticated looking and beautiful to look at, it definitely needs some storage added to make it a workable area.