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Monday, 19 December 2011

Teacup Kitchen

If you crave a nice cup of afternoon tea accompanied by assorted fancies it is somewhat appropriate that your rather refined refreshment should originate from a kitchen resembling a teacup!  A transforming teacup that is!
The Mogul loves this transforming; kitchen pod design by Vitor Xavier as it presents a commercial concept for tomorrow while tantalising the design possibilities of today.  Re-defining the social legacy and fashionable expectations of kitchen design is the biggest obstacle to making a design like this as overwhelmingly trendy as the iPad! 

We don’t buy computers or mobile phones on the basis that “bigger is best” we buy them because they are compact, functional and have been painstakingly well designed.  Very slowly, but ever so surely consumers are realising that these attributes are defining the modern kitchen.  The transforming, automated kitchen pod cometh…..or has it arrived?!!

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