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Monday, 23 January 2012

Herbal Kitchen Garden

This herbal kitchen by Steininger was designed in collaboration with award winning chef Toni Morwald and attempts to bring the outside inside!  It has long been accepted that the modern kitchen is a metaphorical design sledge hammer, knocking down walls and architectural boundaries and causing us to rethink our living patterns.
Bringing the herb garden into your kitchen and therefore your living space not only adds an additional level of convenience and freshness control for the chef but it also adds a new holistic element to the design.  High octane city dwellers may find this really therapeutic allowing them to become detached from the city upon entering the private living space!
Why buy artificially scented candles to induce a feeling of calm and wellbeing when you actually nurture and consume the plants that create the aromas!
Interestingly one of the nicest aesthetical features of this design is the gable end of the island.  There is depth and contrast here and the designers have resisted the urge to have the opposing elements meet in order to create a smooth finish.   Add the colour and variety of the natural vegetation and this is a great multi-sensory hook!

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