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Monday, 16 January 2012

Wood Chaos!

A wooden kitchen can sometimes come with a certain amount of design protocol, particularly if the design is contemporary!  Clean simple lines and slab door profiles can expose clients to a complex world of functional art where the kitchen itself becomes the pinnacle of social and fashionable desire. 
Wooden furniture evokes a hidden primeval instinct that makes us want to get tactile with the timber; there is a quiet reassurance in touching the warmth of wood than soothes the human spirit.  Up until recently it was thought that the crisp linear lines of contemporary kitchen design required a consistent wood grain pattern so that the viewer’s eye would not become confused, and in better economic times investing in a book-matched veneer to achieve the look would not be unreasonable. 
However, lately The Mogul has noticed an increasing about of wood grain chaos appearing in the best contemporary kitchen designs.  It appears that the contradiction between the rules of contemporary kitchen design and natural wood should now be cherished!  Book-matching is out and the appreciation of the inconsistency of wood grain is in! 
It could be argued that this design trend is a by-product of economic tightening, but whatever the reason The Mogul loves a little wood chaos!

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