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Monday, 9 January 2012

Untouchable hierarchy of materials

The legacy of kitchen design has lead to us making certain assumptions.  We assume that a kitchen is a collection of materials which have a functional resilience to everyday use and a comfortable tactile relationship with human skin!
Contemporary kitchen designers still make these assumptions but refuse to comply with the conventional order of placement!  That is why stone is becoming a popular material for cabinetry frontage!  And look at the results!
An unconventional material hierarchy mixed with brilliant colour choices, clever finger grip recesses and transforming elements allows this design to bridge the gap between creative concept and commercial gold!
The Mogul also loves the gap that has been left between the tall cabinetry and the architectural alcove as this creates a fantastic shadow line and gives this design an untouchable persona! 

The kitchen is certainly become more un-fitted!


  1. Very impressive, but I would have to think how tricky that must have been to fit. The weight alone must be considerable.

    I can see styles like this trickling down in the future, so that stone effect laminate is use for the door or cabinets, not just worktops.

  2. I just love your blog so much! Thank you for posting these great kitchen ideas! -Patrick Tan