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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 15 November 2010

How would you like your thriller? Rare or Well Done?

Crisp and contemporary, this design shows how the boundaries between traditionally defined spaces have become blurred.  Open shelves have been used here to bring the living space into the kitchen...or is it the other way around?  These shelves have created a stunning library, great for a vast collection of cookery books.
The Mogul would question the position of these shelves.  From a functional aspect it may have been prudent to keep the ovens behind the island and closer to the hob and sink moving the library to the right hand side of the room. 
Consideration must always be given to the distances travelled between functional elements when cooking, as this can make a good design brilliant!
Looks great!


  1. Good points about layout. But I have to admit, I read in my kitchen far more frequently than I use the ovens, so perhaps there's sense to it afterall?

  2. Yea Sarah, your arguement is a perfect example of how the boundaries between kitchen and living space have become blurred! Thanks for the comment as it shows that every bespoke kitchen design can be a personal experience!