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Thursday, 4 November 2010

L Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen has quality written all over it.  The materials and appliances used are luxurious and this is matched by good design thinking.  There is a solid appreciation about who will use the room and how they will use it.  Aesthetics, functionality, social interaction and mood have all been considered!

The kitchen is the dominant feature of this open plan and multi functional space and the L-shaped island is designed to match and service the architectural layout of the room.  There is clear demarcation between functional and social areas and there are clear spaces connecting each social zone. 

This kitchen by Dream Design places the cook in the centre of the action enabling them to interact with family and guests in both the dining and living areas almost simultaneously!   The designer has paid special attention to ensure the sink was placed on the dining room side of the island allowing for easy access to the sink and dish washer after every meal.

There is continuity here with the materials chosen for the kitchen finding their way into the social aspects of the overall space.  Add to this some mirrored panels, a concealed TV and a jaw dropping array of “bling” appliances and you certainly have an impressive room in which to entertain your guests!

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