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Monday, 15 November 2010

More Colourful than a Clive!

This kitchen certainly has some personality with strong colours creating a flamboyant picture upon a template that has been tried and tested. 
The overall backbone of this kitchen design is safe and traditional with the creators using square raised panelled doors and thick set fluted posts with ornate leafy features.  The foundation could be considered to be fussy resembling something from the hand of Clive Christian.  But this design is much more dramatic and left wing!
This hand painted kitchen is alive with colour which has been chosen from a palette individual to the client.  This kitchen is a commissioned piece of art. 
It is important for a client to feel comfortable with their choices and it amazes The Mogul how the diverse nature of the human soul can pull and skew basic design concepts and make them endlessly personal.  It is this personal element that drives kitchen design, allowing ideas to merge, and allowing the client to create a functional space that they admire and will feel comfortable with for many years to come.
This design is very subtle but it certainly straddles the divide between contemporary and modern.  The Mogul appreciates the individual idiosyncrasies in this design! 

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