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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

American Contemporary Home Coming

This kitchen embodies the classical contemporary style.  It is a prefect example of how individuals can find balance between a crisp, fresh kitchen design and something that is safer, offering serious style stamina! 

Contemporary European kitchen design can be perceived to be fashionable but without soul making the customer wary about installing a statement kitchen into their home.  Instead they may want to tone down the drama and install a kitchen that offers more universal appeal. 

This idea is particularly prevalent in the United States were full on contemporary kitchen design is kept isolated at the very top of the market, a place were affluent clients can afford to move with shifting design trends!  Middle America is much more cautious, constantly considering what other people will think of their new kitchen, and by other people The Mogul means other house buyers!  America appears to be a transient nation and re-sale value is a big consideration! 

The Mogul absolutely loves this kitchen as it has everything and believes that this type of design is perfect for the cautious American public.  The doors have a simple painted profile that gives the design very classical roots, even the format of the tall units on the back wall lend themselves to a more English classical style but there are many contemporary features here too.  The asymmetrical format of units and open shelves over the cooker, the pocket door system integrated into the larder, the waterfall worktop that hugs the base units and the funky island design all scream trendy kitchen at the viewer.  The island is brilliantly simple providing a cantilevered seating area and an open self complete with a clever sliding door system that conceals all cooking activity from visiting dinner guests. This kitchen also flows seamlessly into the dining area giving great continuity to the architectural space!

This design by Castagna Cucine is a perfect example of how fashionable tastes can be satisfied without alienating potential buyers and it is noticeable that many good American kitchen designers are realizing this and reinventing “safe contemporary” on a daily basis for their appreciative clients!


  1. Hi there,

    We like these kitchens as well and have wondered how come the designs are not more widespread in the States. I think your analysis is right on!


  2. Thanks for that. Things are changing in the States with more and more kitchen designers edging towards a more contemporary style!

  3. Love this kitchen. It has all the elements. For most clients I suggest exactly what is shown:
    a) always more than one countertop material
    b) more than one color or finish on cabinetry
    c) and always some type of display area (so it doesn't end up on the countertop)

    I think this is a great example of a modern (current) kitchen design which can translate to most homes. Though admittedly I'm not a fan of brown, it's too dreary.

  4. Great comment Decor Girl, thanks for the input.