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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Console Kitchen

This concept kitchen designed by Zivile Januskaityte may seem extreme but it tests the imagination about what the kitchen is now and what it may become in the future!

There are some great ideas here that could be fine tuned and become more main stream in the not too distant future.  For example the induction cooker is actually the rolling ceramic panels that close over the entire kitchen.  This is a great "Shape Shifting" idea but it has its limitations when the surface is also being used as a worktop.

Careful consideration needs to be given to reverse heat transfer.  Reverse heat transfer happens when the substance being cooked becomes very hot and transfers its heat energy back through the pot and onto the ceramic induction cooker!  This process is not an issue with standard induction cooking but it may become one if the cook top is not highly visible, the cook top can move and if there is limited preparation space! 

The Mogul believes that any forward thinking designer should be highly commended, as it is only by exploring new things that we can develop the fantastic kitchen designs of the future!  Top marks here!

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