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Monday, 13 December 2010

Sexual Kitchen on Wheels!

Okay, please desist from licking your computer screen as this serving from Aster Cucine is absolutely delicious. 
This kitchen is a brilliant example of how kitchen design can be paralleled to automotive design, providing clients with an exceptionally desirable product that can make a strong social statement! 
This kitchen is beautiful and has all the elements required to nurture envy and jealousy amongst your dinner guests.   The dazzling whiteness is matched by polished and hammered chrome with glass and natural wood veneers that just ooze quality.  You only have to look at the mirrored chrome finish that rips around the edge of the island to see the luxury.  Fantastic!
This beauty is also a shape shifter.  Bi-folding sliding doors on the tall section of this kitchen allow the exterior units to become undressed, allowing the viewer to be tantalised by the impressive appliances and drawers!  Add Blum’s Servo-Drive electric opening support system for doors and drawers and the blured border between living room and kitchen and this design offers the ultimate in sensory gratification!
You can now lick the monitor!!

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  1. I have always loved this kitchen but your description makes me love it all the more - especially the part about about the bi-folding doors undressing the tall cabinets.

    Have a Great week!

    KitchAnn Style