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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Terminal Velocity

This kitchen strikes your retina at terminal velocity and imposes itself on the simplicity of the surrounding architecture.  The design is simple, linear and arguably unremarkable but the enthusiasm of the olive colour and the intellectual use of a contrasting recessed grip handle makes this kitchen reach out and grab your attention. 

The black handle highlights the fact that this handless kitchen has in-fact got a handle and that the designer has been clever enough to use it as a fantastic feature, highlighting the simplicity of the design.  It is also interesting to see that the designers at Armony Cucine have not been tempted to go symmetrical along the back wall and have opted to off-set the ovens to the right of the tall section. 

The mogul predicts that we will see more of this in 2011; asymmetrical design and vibrant colours!  Particularly orange!


  1. Any Color would be better than the color used. I like the handle-free design but I'm not a big fan of shiny black cabinets in a kitchen because it will show finger prints and smudges.

  2. Some high gloss doors are a little more forgiving than you might expect. A high quality polyurethane coated door will work great when rubbed with an anti-static cloth. Solid acrylic doors come will a special spray that removes this problem completely. Foil wrapped doors at the lower end of the market can give problems though. Don't be afraid of a high gloss black finish for this reason...there are ways around it!