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Monday, 31 January 2011

3D Functional Art

You can expect to see more and more of this in 2011, but to be honest it may take until 2012 before this type of thing really takes off! 
This kitchen design by Grattarola shows how the human imagination can manipulate the eye, to trick the brain into following the most obvious visible contours of a design, leaving the actual functional elements of the kitchen disguised...or at least less obvious!
3D kitchen art is moving from the realms of concept to the mainstream arena.  And its about time too, as for too long the simplicity of making flat kitchen doors has created an economic reason for churning them out.  This concept creates some real interest for the viewer, light and shadow just drip from every raised element, inviting you to look and investigate the design further.  This idea works brilliantly in a room that gets lots of natural light and it would also be a lighting designers dream.   
This idea is so simple and yet so effective and it could be argued that it is a little more sophisticated than hiding your kitchen behind a sliding door!
Attitudes to kitchen design are changing!  Welcome to the world of 3D functional art!
Oh yea..............check out the table leg!!!!  The Mogul thought you might like that!!  Enjoy.

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