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Monday, 24 January 2011

Floating Bed...or Kitchen!

When Jan Jaap Ruijssenaars graduated from university as an architect he realised that everything within his chosen discipline was dictated by gravity!  He spent the next 6 years devising a way of defying this natural force.  The resulting platform or bed is repelled from the floor using magnets both in the floor and in the bed.  The working 1:5 model can carry a load of 80KG and the full scale model will be able to carry an impressive 900kg.    
This is an exceptional example of how someone can test the limitations of our imagination and achieve something that may change our future expectations.  The consequence of this advance may be felt in many design disciplines in the future, including kitchen design, and that is why The Mogul feels that this bed is worthy of a slot on KDTT.  The only boundary to this design is the cost!  Being estimated at $1.54 Million Dollars this design is certainly elitist, but through time it may become less expensive and more attainable...at least this shows that the idea is possible! 
The youtube link is worth a look.  Brilliant!! 

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