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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back to the Future Kitchen

A little while ago The Mogul introduced the idea of the contemporary classic kitchen, a hybrid design that straddles the contemporary/ traditional divide and appeases the tribal design conflict!  It will be this type of kitchen that will offer the closet contemporary’s the opportunity to indulge in “safe” kitchen fashion.  Hello Middle America!
So what makes up this style?  The lines of the design will be from the contemporary designers drafting board; worktops will be slender and fused to the cabinetry.  There will be an asymmetrical approach to the overall concept and just like in this design by GED Cucine the handles and cornice will be removed.  However the actual door will no longer be smooth, buffed and polished, instead the doors display traditional profiled elements, bringing contemporary kitchen design back to the future.  And like it or not, this is the future.
The Mogul thinks that this is a spectacular compromise!  Truly beautiful!

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