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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kitchen Therapy....whatever next???

The kitchen has become the backdrop to our home life, a reassuring companion that will imprint on our future memories.  What better way to give these memories a calming influence than to integrate a holistic powerhouse into the design.

Aquariums have the ability to fascinate humans in an extremely therapeutic way projecting positive energy and allowing us to enter a primary meditative state.  The medical profession has found that patients suffering from mental health problems and trauma can be calmed; entering a hypnotic state of consciousness by simply gazing into an aquarium. 

This design by Robert Timmons uses the aquarium to project colour and movement into the space.    The architecture becomes instantly animated with the viewer receiving a strong visual impact from the design.  You can almost forget that this space is defined by the term kitchen, it has become more than that, it is a space where you want to spend time, a space that re-energizes your soul! 

This is an example of “Next Level Kitchen Design".   Here the designer considers not just the form and function of the kitchen but also the long term wellbeing of the people who occupy the space.

Aquarium kitchens!…..whatever will they think of next!!

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  1. Love this, if i can found A house with a space to suiet this idea i'll be having it