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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Friday, 8 April 2011

A Kitchen is Born

Contemporary kitchen design can be described by using a certain type of language that might include phrases like handle less, linear, asymmetrical, minimal and high gloss!  From a purely aesthetical point of view however contemporary kitchen design can be seen as an artistic play with shapes, lines, light and architectural influence with each designer seeing different things and painting the picture in a different way.
It is interesting that some of these kitchen artists are now beginning to soften their more risky Turner Prize entries by using more traditional oils and pastels!  High gloss, handle less door panels are now being replaced by more traditionally profiled doors making the look more appealing to some audiences like those considering the wider resale appeal required in America!  The lines are still contemporary, the look is still modern but the edges don’t cut as deep! 
There is an inevitable shift happening!  The contemporary classic kitchen is being born!  Expect to see lots more of this!


  1. I agree that this adaptation could be a very American (as in US) phenomenon. Maybe it's even the start of the pendulum swinging back from contemporary to traditional?

  2. You know what Gloria...The Mogul believes that you could be right. Almost every type of flat surface has now been explored to some degree and middle America has been nervous about European styles not standing the test of time. It is designs like this that will ulimately bridge the gap!