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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Raise me up!

Good kitchen designers explore every possible avenue to ensure that the products they develop indulge the lifestyle and physical requirements of the user.   Every whim is now catered for with electrical opening support mechanisms being included as a standard feature in modern kitchens for horizontally moving elements like drawers.
Automation is now more common in the vertical plane and this design by Team 7 was one of the pioneers of this idea.  Human beings interact with their environment based on their sensory capabilities and the spatial grammar of the kitchen and the architecture that surrounds it.  In other words, if you are tall you will see and use the environment in a different way than those people who live their life closer to the ground.  From a very practical point of view; if you like to bake and the worktop is too high you will not be able to get a proper purchase on the rolling pin when making pastry...very frustrating!  Having the ability to automatically adjust the working surface height is a great feature and one that is becoming increasingly popular!
Shape Shifting kitchens are everywhere!

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