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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Monday, 5 September 2011

Contemporary Temperature.

This design presents the eye with a vision of contemporary elegance, a reminder that it is okay to mix materials and door profiles in order create the correct contemporary temperature.  Some of us still get chills at the thought of contemporary kitchen design, remaining steadfast in the belief that natural materials are best, more wholesome and heart-warming. 
By introducing soft pastel colours and mixing high gloss white and oak shaker doors this design refuses to be categorised as classical or contemporary.  There is a great balance here offering a reassuring longevity to the design while still presenting a socially acceptable amount of kitchen fashion.  The white lacquered doors provide a trendy backdrop to the functional space and do not overpower the aesthetics.
The Mogul particularly loves how the tall units provide the design with depth, wrapping the corner with stylish storage space while remaining introverted and unobtrusive against the classical architecture. 


  1. Lovely indeed. I can't see the name of the designer or manufacturer anywhere here, did you forget it?

  2. This one comes out of the Ernestomedia Stable! :-)