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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Sunday, 11 September 2011

High Horse!

When products work well you can take them for granted not noticing their efficiency or the level of convenience they offer.  However, if a problem arises it can become an iconic irritation in your life.  A dread that plays on your mind; a regret that can destroy your decision making confidence! 
Imagine this scenario, you get up every morning for work, get dressed, have your breakfast and go outside only to find that your car won’t start!  Would you begin to regret buying it!   Probably!  And each morning, even after you have had it fixed you would still question its reliability and your own ability to make purchasing decisions!  So imagine how irritating it would be to find that even before you make it to your un-reliable car, your kitchen decides to let you down as well!
Every kitchen design, no matter how artistic and aesthetically pleasing should have a natural flow, an unspoken pattern that assists the user.  The positioning of the sink and hob tops in this design means that the user must walk around the island every time they want to use the ovens or collect produce from the consumables zone.  An island should create an opportunity to assist functionality but in this instance it has become an obstacle! 
Bad functional design will soon become an unbelievable frustration soon after the social joy of having a new kitchen has faded.  It is so important to invest in good kitchen design because it has the ability to enhance your life....and if you have invested in good design...you probably haven’t even noticed!


  1. I don't believe in horse around with design or color. Simple design, beautiful color.

  2. sorry - meant to say “horsing around”