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Monday, 26 September 2011

Kitchen Specimen

It is argued that the kitchen has become the focal point of the home, the ultimate functional and architectural style influencer, the provider of family sustenance and the catalyst for human interaction. 
It could be imagined that this mantle of responsibility needs an imposing kitchen superstructure in order to dominate the space and the humans who live within it.  But sometimes small and understated can be equally as powerful as carefully chosen words spoken softly. 
The focus of this design is not its size but instead the quality, precision and focus of the design.  If this design had been manufactured in a different material it would not have had the same presence.  Using stainless steel gives this kitchen all the industrial authority of a precision tool and it modest size only makes the onlooker more curious about its potential!
The gravity defying cantilever provides a social twist to the design and adds the appropriate amount of aesthetical contrast. 
This petite kitchen which is beautifully perched in an understated pose would certainly have its functional limitations if you were keen on  throwing dinner parties but if you were well prepared it could still do the job. 
This is a truly beautiful kitchen specimen but The Mogul can’t help feeling that the casters, however functional, detract from the design, giving this residential kitchen a hospital catering feel!

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