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Friday, 17 September 2010

Back to the Future

Designing an island kitchen is an enjoyable experience for most kitchen architects.  An island can present the opportunity to break away from the constraints of the surrounding architecture.   This can allow the introduction of custom shapes and materials allowing the design to become more intricate and layered. 

This design from Tokyo Kitchen has a futuristic appearance that embraces the “Shape Shifting” ethos.  This compact and practical design is prefect for a confined living space and allows the user to physically interact with the design.   The corrugated drawer bottoms are both artistic and practical allowing an un-orthodox option for storing consumable and non-consumable items.

This is not what the masses expect from a kitchen; this is something that pushes our expectations of what the kitchen may become.  The kitchen of tomorrow will be visible when we want it to be but un-obtrusive when necessary.  Not everyone will have the space or budget for a lifestyle kitchen but it is by considering future possibilities we will shape the diluted designs of today.

This idea pleases the Mogul!

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