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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Johnny Grey - Let there be light

This modern Welsh dresser is currently on show on the Johnny Grey stand at Decorex.  Designed by Johnny Grey and Miles Hartwell this dresser attempts to straddle the divide between contemporary and traditional. 

The Mogul is a fan of how light can increase the sensory pleasure of the viewer and how its use can have holistic advantages for the overall architectural space.  The use of coloured glasses and translucent tableware allows this piece of furniture to become personalised and also changes the look of the design making its use an interactive experience.

The Mogul always considers that a kitchen is not always being used and using light in this way allows kitchen furniture to become a stunning backdrop to our home lives.

This design has its styles polarised so much that it can be likened to a Centaur, a mythical creature that is half horse and half man!

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