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Monday, 27 September 2010

Eurpoean Techno Art

This kitchen is a perfect example of how a designer can use self expression in every creation.  This avant-garde design originates from the pen of Belgian designer Joe Wynant and it shows that there is a growing trend towards an artistic expression within kitchen design.

This design remembers that the world in which we inhabit allows us to see things in three different planes and therefore cabinet frontage does not need to sit at a ninety degree angle to the floor.  This concept speaks volumes for kitchen design as a fashion, as a style influencer and as a discipline that encourages artistic flair.

The main sink area encourages the idea of strong European techno culture with its sharp angles and clean lines, the tall appliance housing is reminiscent of an Icelandic sauna, and the island encourages the cabinet maker’s skill.  Mixing these ideas together gives this design an edge and puts it outside the box of standard kitchen design.

With every new idea there can be a certain amount acclaim and criticism. The Mogul wonders if this concept will require a certain dilution to become acceptable in today’s market.  Fashion is often toned down before it becomes acceptable and embraced by the target market.  New ideas push the boundaries of our expectations and this design has to be praised for that!

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