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Jackie Daly, Managing Editor, KBB Magazine

Friday, 1 July 2011

See the light!

We all demand a little luxury from time to time, the ability to switch off from the daily grind and experience an indulgence of pleasure, gratifying all five of our senses and allowing us to feel revitalised and refreshed. 
In the field of kitchen design there is mounting pressure on designers to create not just a functional space that caters for every requirement, but to create a breathtaking, interactive experience for the user. 
Modern luxury kitchens must have a Zen like quality, the ability to promote calm and offer mood setting control to the fortunate owner.  There is no better way of doing this than to integrate some lighting into the design.
Design Republic came up with this design which has all the quality hallmarks that can make the mouth water without the smell of food!  This design embraces interactive LED lighting in a powerful way and in some of the images the impact almost appears overpowering, allowing the kitchen to transform into a nightclub!  But isn’t this what we all want?  A controllable, adaptable space, which can be a kitchen by day and a social hub by night?!
Owning such an example of functional sensory extravagance can bring with it (comes in a separate box) a quiet satisfaction that you have something different!  There is the opportunity to wallow in the social adoration that will be bestowed upon you by friends and family as you demonstrate how the new kitchen works.  And in a kitchen like this you will find that the owner will not choose to demonstrate their new fan assisted oven, this will present an opportunity for a lighting show!
Kitchen design is all about identifying needs and challenging the norm.  This design is exceptional for loads of different reasons but it is a shame that many designers never ever get to meet clients with deep enough pockets to release their imaginations like this!
Great Job!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE This kitchen!! If your ever looking for a house to practice on & Need a house in Pembrokeshire.. Please CALL ME!!! I love innovation & Tech but above all I LOVE the WOW! Factor :) & Boy has this got some it's breathtaking!!

  2. I love how the light changes! Great for parties or entertaining guests. My friends will love this! -Patrick Tan