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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Taking the edge off...no IT IS!

Who was it said that a chair had to have 4 legs or that a car needed four wheels?  Rules are made to be broken and it is challenging these boundaries that make design exciting. 
Contemporary kitchen design has always found comfort in smooth finishes and clean lines.  The concept of having various components come together with seamless, calculated precision allowing the onlooker to be captivated and amazed at how man could be so chillingly accurate with basic tools!  The reality is though that this exactness is still controlled by man but he now has a CNC machine in is arsenal of basic tools!
This design by Simone Micheli for Euromobil named “IT IS” decides to flaunt change right into the face of contemporary kitchen design.  The smooth finishes are still present and the composition of the design is still very mainstream contemporary, but the fact that the doors and drawers have had the corners removed makes this design shine. 
In one of the images you will notice that the worktop cascades from the island to form a table, the varied worktop thickness and smooth curved lines make the transition easy but it is what is happening  underneath this element that most fascinates The Mogul.  The combination of a finger grip cavity, corner-less doors and a gable section that refuses to meet the worktop presents an unusual sight....a void that shouldn’t be there.  This element presents the viewer with a glimpse into the bowels of the beast and it is truly brilliant!
The Mogul approves!

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