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Monday, 18 July 2011

Would you like "Dust Collectors" with that?

People say that trends can go full circle and that fashions will re-emerge back into main stream popular culture!  Are we witnessing the re-emergence of a kitchen design feature that had been consigned to the history books?
Open shelves in kitchen design have been perceived as dust collectors, impractical voids that attract unwanted items of everyday clutter.  But increasing in modern kitchen design these features provide the necessary aesthetic imbalance to present the required asymmetrical design trend! 
Even though the description used is the same, the design of the modern shelf is very different.  Originally these open shelves would have been manifested as fancy wall quadrants, complete with decorative rails and fancy spindles.    But these were times when the kitchen was shackled architecturally!  Now the boundaries between kitchen and living space are blurred and these dust collectors actually serve a practical purpose! 
Your kitchen stores everything you need to prepare a meal but now it also stores everything you need to entertain!  Books, CD’s and DVD’s can all find a place in the modern kitchen!  The placement of open shelves in kitchen design is now fundamental to the progressive unification of kitchen and living space!

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