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Monday, 4 July 2011

Splatter Art Kitchen

This kitchen embraces the dominance of asymmetry in modern kitchen design, empowering the imagination and offering the eye something that is casual and yet calculated.  The series of wall units in the first image look as though they have been splattered onto the wall by an uncomforting artist.  And just as with splatter art the act is deliberate but the result is open to critical interpretation!
The physical layering here is fantastic and presents an opportunity to cross-dress the kitchen, disguising it as something less functional; the perfect life-space accessory.  The handless, free-hung, box matrix design which is only occasionally interrupted is brilliantly adorned by basalt ceramic finishes.  The use of a ceramic cabinet frontage opens the door into a whole new range of sensory pleasures.  The colour of the ceramic fronted design mixed with the slender stainless steel worktops is great and having this accessorised with wood veneer and lighting only adds to the kitchen-less experience. 
Eventually the design cascades from the wall and has been given a set of landing gear to ensure the touchdown is smooth and effortless!
Sometimes presenting wall units in this way can be perceived as being a gimmick, a hook to get the design noticed but in this instance the flexibility and use of materials just make this a good design!
The Mogul approves!

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