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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Approachable Kitchen

It is interesting to see how this contemporary design has been softened by introducing more approachable geometry.  The underside of the impressive cooking zone displays the aerodynamic qualities of an aircraft wing and could even be likened to the hull of a sea fairing vessel which uses smooth and gradual geometry to cut though the ocean more efficiently.
But having the hard edges removed may not only have aesthetical advantages, as cantilevers and breakfast bar areas are notorious hazards for small children who can be unfortunate enough to occasionally pay a painful price for their parents  pleasure of owning a designer kitchen.
The breakfast bar of this design also appears to be counter balanced across the lover storage area so it may have been possible to create a fantastic free floating cantilever that could swivel between states of use, rotating 90degrees and resting upon the lower storage area when in a standby position and leaving the living area free from physical obstruction.
Doing this would not only allow this kitchen to become a dramatic shape shifter but it may also reduce the amount of occasions when small heads make contact with hard objects.

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