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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Zero Gravity Feature of Fantasy

There are some interesting features in this design.  Immediately the eye is drawn to an impressive cantilever which extends endlessly across the room only defying gravity by leaning subtlety on a supportive crutch. 
This zero gravity feature of fantasy has also been given a shoulder to cry on, a functional support which is designed to take the weight off the burdens that everyday life can throw at us.  The low level storage area which supports the end of the cantilever has been given an extended gable that transforms it into a cosy snug, perfect for casual entertaining.  The wall units mirror this feature by including a high level shelf which meets an extended gable end.
These features are impressive allowing this kitchen to traverse the void between kitchen and living space but do these elements dilute the functional capacity of the kitchen.  Is it possible that potential storage space has been replaced by fresh air and that the high and low level cabinetry has become guarded by an impassable cantilevered border?
Kitchen design is a highly personal mix of eclectic style, functional performance and fashion; it is the designer’s duty to empathetically translate the personal priorities of each individual client!

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  1. It is a very functional looking area and first of all I didn’t even recognize it for being a kitchen. The counter is very impressive and I do admire the design of this piece, but I do have concerns over whether it is a practical space. It seems that much of the storage space is inconvenient to reach, that below the seating section and half of the upper cabinets too.