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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Transforming Furniture Absorbing Kitchens!

The Mogul has long argued that the modern kitchen can now be defined by its island, with the taller more cumbersome elements being absorbed by the surrounding architecture or being cloaked behind transforming cabinetry.  The kitchen is in-fact an island with some modified architectural cabinetry in support.
So it is interesting to see how this design and an increasing number of others are detaching the island from the floor, creating a floating centrepiece which is only tethered to the architecture by the services required for function.
This design accepts that there must be unity between kitchen and architecture but it also expresses an understanding that there must be a connection with the other pieces of furniture sharing an open plan space.  The T-shaped island unit is like a functional docking station, able and willing to accept elements that can temporarily enhance the functional experience without permanently polluting the aesthetic influence of the kitchen.   
Welcome to a new beginning!  Transforming furniture absorbing kitchens are here!

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