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Monday, 12 March 2012

Good Life Kitchen

The kitchen is a time capsule, a piece of functional furniture which can become an emotional trigger for our senses, encouraging us to relive our childhood memories and reminisce about people and friends who are no longer with us.

It seems appropriate therefore that the adeptly named 1956 kitchen presents a very nostalgic approach to kitchen design. The design embraces some very innocent looking features that could be perceived as being potentially un-commercial in the refined mainstream market.   This kitchen is certainly quirky, with a homemade look, but it is also very different, allowing itself to be openly influenced by nostalgia and embracing the simpler materials and textures of yester year.

Are we now going to see the development of an economic and socially influenced trend where mainstream style becomes perceived as being vulgar and kitchen design becomes influenced by re-runs of “The good life”!

But no matter how much this design looks over its shoulder and into the past it cannot escape some contemporary classifications.  There is some serious asymmetrical styling within the design and a blatant disregard for convention; and it is this confident disrespect for the new and the now which makes this design embody itself as art.

Love the telephone booth fridge housing!

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