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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Living, Breathing Kitchen!

For years kitchen design has been guilty of exaggerating scale, with the kitchen becoming the long suffering victim of an intensive and functionally random infestation of cabinetry. 

But the misguided trend of fitting as many kitchen cabinets into an architecturally oppressive space has been replaced.   Now open plan architectural environments have become dominated by large monolithic islands.

The Moby Dick kitchen is no exception, flaunting impressively elongated linear styling which has only been interrupted by the introduction of an unusual sink feature.  A feature which could be seen to sympathetically resemble the natural breathing aperture of a Sperm whale!

The Mogul is unsure about this feature as it may draw specific attention to the cleaning zone, which on occasion may not be so clean.  It could be argued that in an open plan environment it may be more prudent to optionally camouflage this particular area.

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