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Monday, 10 October 2011

Epic Functional Battles

It is interesting to see how the stainless steel worktop is set lower here, plunging into the cabinetry and creating real aesthetical impact.  However, The Mogul must question having the hob positioned at this lower level for several reasons! 
Firstly, having the hob set at this height may increase the danger of small children accessing the potentially dangerous cooking zone. 
Secondly, by lowering the hob you may have to drop the extraction system in order to achieve the optimum performance.  For an individual of average height this may impede the view of the cooking zone.  There is also the possibility that your head may come into contact with the fan when trying to observe the cooking area....especially the back rings!! 
Finally, The Mogul asks if the functionality has been compromised by having the stainless steel worktop embed itself into the cabinetry?  Does the unification for these two elements mean that a drawer, positioned within a hot functional zone gets replaced with a dummy panel?  It looks that way?
The compromise between functionality and aesthetics can be a personal one with the best kitchens being tailored to be client specific.  Enjoy your epic functional battles!

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